South kensington

South kensington

Essential design and elegant details for element designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Two or three-seater sofa with integrated seat and embracing back, the features of an “instant classic” that is ideal both for residential solutions and for hospitality projects in lobbies and lounges. The use of avant-garde materials, extreme care even for the smallest details and the possibility of matching it with all Molteni range products make South Kensington an unrivalled and highly versatile protagonist. No azo colourants are used in the production of cover fabrics.

The product is destined to be used inside homes. Do not jump on the structural elements. Avoid doing maintenance on product components. If maintenance is necessary, call the seller. Normal use of the product causes the padded parts to become squashed during its average life span. The possible presence of particular odours, coming from the product at the moment that the packaging is removed, is not dangerous. Odours will disappear when the room is well ventilated. If it needs to be moved, lift the product so as to avoid damaging the parts in contact with the floor. The cover stitching methods may differ in relation to the technical and dimensional characteristics of the MATERIALS (FABRIC/LEATHER) of the structures or covers themselves.

In order to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of these finishes over time and avoid rust, regular, methodical and meticulous cleaning is necessary. For everyday maintenance, dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surfaces with normal liquid detergents for glass. Products containing solvents and/or alcohol and hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) should be avoided, as they could ruin and/or scratch surfaces. Treat surfaces monthly with specific products for cleaning/polishing metals.

Once discarded, neither the product nor its components should be dispersed in the environment, but rather consigned to public disposal systems.

South kensington

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