Master Dressing

Master Dressing

Vincent Van Duysen has designed Master Dressing, a walk-in wardrobe system that completes the widerange of nightime systems offered by Molteni&C. Master Dressing perfectly complements the Gliss Master wardrobes thanks to the use of coordinated internal fittings and aesthetic finishes, thereby providing functional and impactful walk-in closets.


The product is destined for inside homes. Wall mounting must be completed after the buyer has verified the resistance of the construction materials used to make the wall. The stability and load-bearing capacity of wall-mounted units are guaranteed only by correct installation and compliance with instructions from the manufacturer. Wall mounted units must be mounted using state-of-the-art procedures on walls in masonry (solid wall or hollow brick). Molteni&C is not responsible for mounting procedures that do not comply with the instructions above. Shelves have a maximum load bearing capacity of Kg. 25 per linear metre, with load distributed uniformly. Do not climb, do not sit and do not hang on the shelves. Metal vanishing rails mounted on drawers are equipped with automatic closing system and safety stop to prevent drawers from falling. Soft closure rails have a shock absorber system to prevent drawers from hitting against the furniture frame. The rails do not require maintenance. Drawers have a capacity of 25 Kg. Do not climb on drawers and do not hang. Lacquered elements can leave colour on cloth; this is not a defect and it stops happening when the paint dust that deposited on the surface during the drying process has been eliminated. Avoid any type of impact against parts in crystal glass. Avoid doing maintenance on product components. If maintenance is necessary, call the seller. Prevent water and other liquids from standing on the shelves and horizontal surfaces, even for brief periods. Edges must not be set near sources of heat that get hotter than 45°C. The possible presence of particular odours, coming from the product at the moment that the packaging is removed, is not dangerous. Odours will disappear when the room is well ventilated.

For everyday maintenance dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy, oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surface with alcohol diluted in water, drying immediately with a soft cloth. For glass, specific products readily available on the market can be used. Products containing acetone, bleach and solvents should be avoided, as should abrasive products, furniture wax and hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) which could ruin and/ or scratch surfaces. All these operations should be carried out with great care, avoiding heavy pressure. Exposure to direct sunlight can alter the paint or wood colour.

In order to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of these finishes over time and avoid rust, regular, methodical and meticulous cleaning is necessary. For everyday maintenance, dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surfaces with normal liquid detergents for glass. Products containing solvents and/or alcohol and hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) should be avoided, as they could ruin and/or scratch surfaces.

Use a soft damp cloth, preferably microfibre, to remove dust and then dry with a soft cloth. For more stubborn marks, use Marseille soap and a soft damp cloth. The rinse and dry everything. Do not use aggressive, bleach or solvent based products, as these can cause irreparable damage to the eco-leather. Do not put near heat sources above 30°.

Once discarded, neither the product nor its components should be dispersed in the environment, but rather consigned to public disposal systems.


Master Dressing

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