From designing the whole house to upgrading a corner, we commit to making a living space that truly brings you happiness.

Concept Design

Concept Design - design the whole house from the crash. Ideally when you have a space and want to bring the unique architectural features from Europe to your land. We are now making it possible to get the whole concept of the top architectural design in the world to your place.

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Interior Design

Interior Design is not only about designing the room and adding furniture to make it look good. Interior Design is the work that combines different senses of space, light, color, pattern, and texture... to create a space that could make your everyday life convenient and relaxing.

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Upgrade corners - refresh your current living space. You have built your living space, recently or a long time ago, and are not happy with it anymore. We help you refresh a corner or the whole living space so that you can enjoy your everyday life in a new way.

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Cuisine Exploration

We understand that kitchen is the heart of the house and cooking together is a great way to connect and have fun. We welcome you and your loved ones to join our kitchen to make great meals and enjoy mealtime together.

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You have done with home building and interior design. Great job! However, to enjoy your everyday life, you still need many small, yet important things: a vase of flowers that brighten your mind, a plate of fresh fruits that nurture your days, a collection of bowls and dishes that make your meals cozier... We are here to help you with that.

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