Clear-cut lines for this writing desk. Top in wood, a practical side drawer, a clever bookshelf support in lacquered sheet metal and a side pouch in hide leather complete this writing desk. Molteni makes every effort, by running scrupulous checks on each item, to keep the original characteristics of the woods employed pristinely intact - homogeneity of surfaces, warmth and colour. It should be borne in mind, however, that when natural raw material is used, these characteristics cannot always be guaranteed for every part of the item. That’s why you may sometimes find veinings or chromatic shadings in various parts that are not perfectly homogeneous. These differences should not be considered a defect, but rather proof that the material used is the genuine article - real wood. All parts in wood (heartwood or veneer) are painted or varnished in an opaque, transparent, polyurethanic or acrylic finish. Used in the production of panels are borders in wood, polyestered and melaminic. Products used for varnishing or painting contain no formaldehyde, their composition being such that they are classified non-toxic. These products are free, moreover, of the heavy metals mentioned in European specification EN71, part 3, 1988.



The product is designed for domestic use to support lightweight material; do not lean, sit or place heavy objects on the desk surface on the drawer unit side; do not climb up on the table; the drawer has a maximum 13 capacity of 10 kg. The disappearing metal runners of the drawers are equipped with safety locks to prevent accidental removal; the easy and noiseless running is achieved thanks to a system of tempered steel balls; the runners require no maintenance. Avoid doing maintenance on components of the product yourself, contacting your retailer if anything goes wrong. Keep tops away from coming into contact with water or other liquids, even for brief periods of time. Lacquered parts may leave traces of colour on the cloth: this is not a defect and disappears once the paint that has been deposited on the surface during the drying phase of the painting process has been eliminated. Borders should not be placed in the vicinity of sources of heat over 45°C. Any odours given off by the product, when unpacked, do not constitute a source of danger and disappear when it is exposed to airy surroundings. When assembling the table, consult the “Assembly Instructions” manual carefully.



For everyday maintenance dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy, oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surface with alcohol diluted in water, drying immediately with a soft cloth. Products containing acetone, bleach and solvents should be avoided, as should abrasive products, furniture wax and hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) which could ruin and/or scratch surfaces. All these operations should be carried out with great care, avoiding heavy pressure. Exposure to direct sunlight can alter the paint and wood colour.


Once discarded, neither the product nor its components should be dispersed in the environment, but rather consigned to public disposal systems.


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