Reversi XL

Reversi XL

Reversi XL, design Studio Hannes Wettstein, is a new version with a deeper seat (112 cm) compared to the Reversi’14. A modular sofa, attentive to the latest trends for soft divans with generous armrests, cushions and hi-tech padding. Reversi XL can be combined with all the elements of Reversi ’14, thereby extending the modularity of the original design and increasing its suitability for complex furnishing projects. Textile and leather covers greatly facilitate the customization of this key furnishing item. No azoic dyes are used in the manufacture of the fabric covers.

This product is intended for use inside the home. Do not jump on structural parts. Avoid maintenance on product parts, contact the retailer for all requirements. Normal wear and tear will result in compression of the padded parts during its lifetime. An unusual smell emitted after the product is unwrapped is harmless and will disappear when it is placed in an aired room. Lift the product to move it to avoid damaging the parts in contact with the floor.

When no longer needed, the product and its components should not be abandoned in the environment but
delivered to public waste disposal services.

Fluff up seat and back cushions by hand, taking care to alternate (when possible) the seat positions of the cushions used most often with the lesser used ones. To fluff cushions up, shake all sides of the cushion (sides, tops and bottoms). This should be done after removing the cushions from the structure, open the zippers on the cover for improved air circulation.

  1.  Remove the cushion, open the zippers on the cover and beat the surface with your hand working from the outside towards the centre. Before closing the zippers leave breathe cushions for about10 minutes.
  2. Replace the seat cushion and redistribute the feathers evenly.
  3. Beat the seat padding in the front section (all along) so as to restore correct alignment with the cover sections.
  4. Remove the single back cushions, open the zippers on the cover and beat the outer sections (all sides) so as to reposition the feathers in the centre of the padding. Before closing the zippers leave breathe cushions for about 10 minutes.
  5. Place the cushion on a flat surface and distribute the filling from the centre towards the sides.

In order to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of these finishes over time and avoid rust, regular, methodical and meticulous cleaning is necessary. For everyday maintenance, dust with a soft dry cloth. For greasy oily marks (fingerprints) we advise cleaning the surfaces with normal liquid detergents for glass. Products containing solvents and/or alcohol and hard fibre cloths (linen and synthetics) should be avoided, as they could ruin and/or scratch surfaces. For the shiny chrome finish, treat the surface once a month with specific products for cleaning/ polishing metals.

Thanks to an innovatory reclining unit, the settees in the Reversi XL System offer three sitting positions of different depths and ergonomic configurations. As well as the traditional configuration, there is one for conversation (back in horizontal position) and one for maximum relaxation (back vertical).

Reversi XL

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