Body Jet Tag

An all-round relaxation, an advanced technology at the service of human well-being, an essential design, as is in the spirit of antoniolupi. Punctual, non-invasive, precise and with high-performance, the built-in side body jets for shower enclosures or spas that allow you to work on individual parts of the body, discreetly fitting into the wellness area. An enveloping and delicate rain jet perfect for shoulders and hips, a stronger and more powerful jet positioned lower to tone calves and ankles.



Finishes of Metal

Steel AISI 304


Tag 1: cm P 3,6 x ø 6
Tag 2: cm P 3,6 x ø 6

Our goal is not to follow the evolution of fashion nor design trends but to anticipate them. I would love to be chased.

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