Beyond all your expectations of an ideal bathroom

Antoniolupi has been well-known for the design and manufacturing of bathroom furnishing, both in Italy and abroad, for the past 50 years. The highlight to Antoniolupi is the innovation by always-on searching for materials and designs, as well as investing strongly in manufacturing technology. Each product is each masterpiece that merge life style, bring the refresh, relax and enjoyable.

Your wonderful experience is the destination for all the researches and innovation


Mario Ferrarini
Michel Boucquillon
Massimo Broglio
Paolo Ulian
Roberto Lazzeroni
Nevio Tellatin
Paola Pastorini

Exclusive materials for one-of-a-kind designs

To ensure standards, as well as proactivity in production, antoniolupi only uses self-produced materials, most of which are natural. The primacy of their material is the result of specific technologies and the expert hands of technicians and craftsmen. All manufacturing processes are controlled directly within the company.

Why call it bathroom while you can make it home spa?  

The brand works with passion to make the bathroom become a space for experience, relaxation, and enjoyment. They bring you a tailored space, tailored to your body and soul. Because man is the center of all their projects. Hence, they proudly call their bathroom solution as "Home Spa", which comes up to the standards of a luxury spa and customize to your style.


Wallpaper* Design Awards 2019

The wash basin ALBUME designed by Carlo Colombo

Albume is a freestanding washbasin that juxtaposes two different yet complementary things; lightness and solidity, rigor and expressiveness, material and color. One poetic creation combining a solid base that expresses strength and an alluring colored basin from Cristalmood.

XXVI Compasso d'Oro ADI 2020

The Intreccio sink designed by Paolo Ulian

The Intreccio sink, a harmonious synthesis between nature and technology, was awarded the prestigious Certificate of Honor at the XXVI Compasso d'Oro ADI awards ceremony held on September 9th 2020 in Milan.


Monoblocks Collection

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Bemade Collection (Part 2)

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Bemade Collection (Part 1)

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Atelier Collection

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