Fuorimeteo slim

Fuorimeteo slim

Fuorimeteo keeps the original design concept unchanged, but it tapers, or rather it seems to thin out, actually reducing only the height of the external cover, a frame that surrounds the showerhead h 9 cm. An modification that reduces the visual impact of the frame and brings out the polished steel plate, which previously remained slightly hidden, embellishing the whole object and enhancing the water jets.


Nevio Tellatin

Finishes of Metal

Steel AISI 304


Fms 10: cm H9 x P35 x L35
Fms 20: cm H9 x P35 x L52
Fms 20C: cm H9 x P35 x L52

Our goal is not to follow the evolution of fashion nor design trends but to anticipate them. I would love to be chased.