An exposed frame, a technological component that perfectly frames the mirror allowing for flush doors elegant and refined, especially when you can have several modules in sequence. The minimalist frame to the mirror when the cabinet is closed and when opened, reveals its interior space and content.




TETRO15014 - TETRO15022: P14/22 x L27/36/45/54 x H50 cm
TETRO25014 - TETRO25022: P14/22 x L54/72/90/108 x H50 cm
TETRO35014 - TETRO35022: P14/22 x L81/108/135/162 x H50 cm
TETRO45014 - TETRO45022: P14/22 x L108/144/180/216 x H50 cm
TETRO17514 - TETRO17522: P14/22 x L27/36/45/54 x H75 cm
TETRO27514 - TETRO27522: P14/22 x L54/72/90/108 x H75 cm
TETRO37514 - TETR37522: P14/22 x L81/108/135/162 x H75 cm
TETRO47514 - TETR47522: P14/22 x L108/144/180/216 x H75 cm
TETRO10014 - TETR10022: P14/22 x L27/36/45/54 x H100 cm
TETRO12514 - TETR12522: P14/22 x L27/36/45/54 x H125 cm

Teatro can be simply hung on the wall or semi-recessed or fully recessed in a niche.