Reflexmood is the first bathtub made of Flumood and Colormood, the exclusive material developed and produced by antoniolupi. The particularity of the base from which the shape is generated gives an unpublished image to the bathtub. The purity and the organic nature of the lines capable of expressing lightness and solidity at the same time are combined with the ample capacity and the perfect ergonomic volume that envelops the body ensuring a perfect posture for truly complete relaxation.

Finishes of Covers



cm H53 x L167 x P86

Four different personalities, four distant characters, four ways of looking at life but all sharing the same enthusiasm: from the passion for beautiful things to the conviction that to obtain them you must commit yourself. From the assurance in only doing what you can do best to leaving the rest to others. We are drive today an innovative and unique reality that is projected in the future within the national and international scene for its ability to anticipate trends, define long-term prospects, determine changes in the usual way of experiencing the bathroom and the house in general.