The atmospheres are those of the '70s, the forms have an explicit retro feel, images evoke distant but alive memories, bound to us, to our history and tradition that is renewed through the ability to dream. A series of mirrors designed for the ILBAGNO collection, rather a range of different elements that gave rise to that proposed. Luxor is a unique collection that offers forgotten geometries, that enriches the sink area with mirrored surfaces with a strong identity.




LUXOR1:  60 cm
LUXOR2: H105 x L67 cm
LUXOR375: H75 x L75 cm -  LUXOR390: H90 x L90 cm
LUXOR475: H75 x L75 cm - LUXOR490: H90 x L90 cm
LUXOR5117: H75 x L117 cm - LUXOR5126: H90 x L126 cm
LUXOR6117: H80 x L117 cm - LUXOR6126: H90 x L126 cm
LUXOR775: H75 x L75 cm - LUXOR790: H90 x L90 cm
LUXOR875: H75 x L75 cm - LUXOR890: H90 x L90cm
LUXOR9117: H75 x L117 cm - LUXOR9126: H75 x L126 cm
LUXOR10117: H80 x L117 cm - LUXOR10126:  H80 x L126 cm


The first experience in the bathroom