Virtually indestructible, our vases are made from natural materials such as gravel, sand and cement type 4.25 and equipped with synthetic fibers extracted from a polymer blend for the reinforcement of concrete.  IGIGANTI are, in our opinion, the vases that were missing, those that bring out the antoniolupi philosophy in terms of design, quality, craftsmanship and functionality. For further information please contact the Company.



Finishes of Metal



GARGANTU01: 180x100 ø165 - thickness 5 cm
GARGANTU02: 135x80 ø125 -  thickness 4 cm
GARGANTU03: 60x68,5 ø43 - thickness 3 cm
GARGANTU04: 80x50 ø73  -  thickness 4 cm
PANTAGRUEL01: 130x67 ø67 - thickness 4 cm
POLIFEMO01: 60x66 ø60 - thickness 4 cm
POLIFEMO02: 80x51 ø80 - thickness 4 cm
GULLIVER01: 77x97 ø90  - thickness 5 cm
GULLIVER02: 110x65 ø130 - thickness 5 cm
GULLIVER03: 77x70 ø90  -  thickness 5 cm
GULLIVER04: 77x97 ø90  - thickness 5 cm
KINGKONG01: 71x70 ø85  - thickness 4 cm
KINGKONG02: 71x50 ø85 -  thickness 4 cm

Every vase is made with traditional techniques, each vase is a single piece, can be lacquered externally.