A truncated cone base in satin Carrara marble as an identity trait, a brass metal structure, available in the different colors that antoniolupi offers, and a profile to find a meeting point at a certain height from which to develop the different configurations. Halo is a family of freestanding accessories and tables that redefines the image of a functional element for daily use inside the bathroom, but which can also be used in other rooms of the house, for example, the door stop version.



Finishes of Metal

HALO1A -  HALO1B - HALO2A - HALO2B - HALO4A - HALO4B: Marble, Brass, Flumood, Colormood
HALO3A - HALO3B - HALOFP: Marble, Brass, Flumood



HALO1A: 24 x 48 cm
HALO1B: 24 x 56 cm
HALO2A: 40 x 48 cm
HALO2B: 40 x 56 cm
HALO3A: 64 x 16 x 43 cm
HALO3B:80 x 16 x 52 cm
HALO4A: 64 x 24 x 46 cm
HALO4B:80 x 24 x 55 cm
HALOFP: 16 x 60 cm


The material character of the base, the elegant path described by the structure.