Technological evolution allows us to be able to use new material with extraordinary characteristics. FLUMOOD is an innovative material, ecological, compact, non-porous, uniform, non-toxic with a surface easy to clean with common cleaning products; can be restored when scratched caused by everyday use.


Mario Ferrarini / Nevio Tellatin

Finishes of Covers

Flumood, Colormood


Graffio : cm L72 X P40 , cm L72 X P47

Podio : cm L90 x P47 , cm L90 x P54 , cm L108 x P54

Nido : cm L54 x P40 , cm L72 x P40 , from 72 cm to 272,4 cm , cm L72 x P47 / 54

Basico : cm L72 x P47 , cm L72 x P54

Nuvola : cm L72 x P47, cm L72 x P54

Breccia : cm L 72 x P 54

Openslotmood : cm L 72 x P 47 , cm L 72 x P 54

Sure of the satisfaction of its customers, has decided to use it in some of its projects of tops, washbasins and bathtubs.