A rigorous graphic sign that develops within the space and becomes three-dimensional, a purity of orthogonal lines that describes an elegant and refined accessory, capable of fitting into the bathroom with discretion and style. Bivio is a collection of freestanding accessories with an essential and clean image, which arises from the encounter between solidity and lightness, between gravity and the ability to hover in space. A project that has its distinctive feature in the proportional balance, in the perfect definition of diameters and dimensions.

Finishes of Metal

Marbles, Brass, Satin Stainless Steel finiture, Polished Chrome finish


BIVIO1: 65,5 x 10 x 18,5 cm
BIVIO2: 65 x 10 x 31,5 cm
BIVIO3: 80 x 10 x 45 cm


The cubic marble base refers to the precious heritage of the earth.