The New Black Amaranto (6mm)

The New Black Amaranto (6mm)

Surface for floors and walls in a slimline version. A Natural finishing in Amaranto, Castagna, Muschio and Prugna colours.


Finishes of Covers



150 x 320 cm R / 59'' x 126''R iSLIMM (6mm)
100 x 250 cm / 39.37'' x 98.43'' iSLIMM (6mm)
20 x 20 cm / 7,87'' x 7,87'' iSLIMM (6mm)
10 x 20 cm / 3,94'' x 7,87'' iSLIMM (6mm)

The New Blacks plays with lights and shadows, bringing a distinctive elegance. A collection for fashion and interior design lovers.

The New Black Castagna (6mm)