Surfaces that give you natural tactile feelings

MDi stands for Minerals, design and innovation, which speaks out Inalco's philosophy: Using sustainable materials and innovative technologies to create such excellent surface designs, which are both attractive and functional. Since the very first days, nature has been their inspiration. Instead of damaging the earth with over-mining activity, they develop the manufacturing process which can speed up the natural rock cycle. Together, they make an extraordinary living space and a better world."

A revolutionary surface for the finest architecture and interior design projects 

More than a commitment, EcoInalco is a reality.

EcoInalco is their commitment to the planet, to the future. They have invested and continue investing in innovations that ensure sustainable development in keeping with our principles.

They increase reusing and recycling while decreasing nature component consumption and pollutant atmospheric emission throughout the production process.


MDi - Revolution in the world of interior

MDi stands for Minerals, Design and innovation. This surface concept is renowned as one of the most ecological products on the market, produced with 50% of recycled raw materials, using Full Digital technology and 360 design.

Constant innovation and differentiation

Its mission is to "trigger change by spearheading new innovations worldwide, creating new solutions and setting new future trends that guarantee higher added value and a greater competitive edge."

Emphasis is placed the company on differentiation as a tool in business growth, focusing its strategy on design and on innovating in processes, products and service.

A specialist in the design and manufacture of large-format slimline surfaces, Inalco pioneered the creation of formats up to 150 x 320 cm / 59" x 126".


German Design Award

Project ‘Offices One’ by Manuel García Asociados studio

Manuel García Asociados studio was awarded with a German Design Award for its corporate interior design project ‘Offices One’, where they used Storm, Iseo and Touché MDi collections


the iSLIMM range with extra-large formats, and the iTOP Countertops range

Coverings 2018 is considered America’ s premier event for the ceramic tile industry. In this edition, and with the slogan “Where everything makes sense”, Inalco showcased the iSLIMM range with extra-large formats, and the iTOP Countertops range, a cutting-edge material specially designed for use as countertop. Inalco has been awarded with the Best in Show prize during the first day of Coverings.