IQ500 Wall hoods

IQ500 Wall hoods

Let off steam properly: cooker hoods with circulating air with their stylish design and the latest technology for clean air in your kitchen. The Siemens extractor hoods make cooking even more pleasant with their impressive performance - they efficiently rid your kitchen of bad smells and steam.


Finishes of Covers

Stainless steel


Appliance exhaust air :  614-954 x 898 x 500 mm
Device circulating air : 614-1064 x 898 x 500 mm
Device recirculation with Clean Air Plus recirculation set:
689 x 898 x 500 mm - installation on external
duct; 795-1139 x 898 x 500 mm - installation on internal duct

They work pleasantly quietly - you don't hear much more than the sound of the food being cooked.

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