Disappear and appear only when necessary. Integrated in the wall to contain a space. The magic word is not important, just open them with a simple touch. The collection of accessories Sesamo takes shape from the desire to eliminate everything that is aesthetically superfluous to enhance the functionality of these elements.



Finishes of Metal

Steel AISI 34


SESAMO1: 7,3 x 5,5 x 12,5 cm
SESAMO4: 19,8 x 10,4 x 25 cm
SESAMO41: 19,8 x 15 x 25 cm
SESAMO2: 19,8 x 10,4 x 31,5 cm
SESAMO3: 35 x 10,4 x 31,5 cm
SESAMO6: 19,8 x 10,4 x 50 cm
SESAMO7: 19,8 x 10,4 x 50 cm
SESAMO5: 19,8 x 10,4 x 50 cm

An elegance that comes from less than more, because you can't see them, they ra noted.