High-class living concept where the timelessness of Hanoi meets European designs.

Phan Anh Studio nestles in a 1700m2 penthouse in the heart of ancient Ha Noi. Instead of a typical showroom, we launch an authentic living space, with the arrangement of a real home. Entering the space, visitors will be welcomed by a sophisticated living area, where every detail is meticulously prepared. The inner space is organized and blended in such a brilliant way, which can express the functionality and the aesthetic, as well as optimize the limited area. Embracing the entire studio is the spirit of minimalism and eternity, where cosmopolitan designs meet Hanoi culture, lifestyle and climate. You can see the harmony among many interior concepts as Art Deco, Neo Classic, Queer and Urbanist. However, all those above aren't the most outstanding feature yet to come. In order to stimulate all senses and inspire customers, as well as introduce the kitchen function directly, Phan Anh organizes an "exclusive club" - a cuisine reservation. Guests can enjoy appetizing meals served at the table, in the most sophisticated and luxurious space.

Showroom details

Address: HDI Building, 68A Vo Chi Cong Street, Xuan La Ward, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Hotline: (+84) 98.347.8086

EMAIL: info@pall.com.vn