July 4, 2023

At an exclusive press event in Antwerp, SieMatic celebrated the presentation of the first SieMatic MONDIAL in Belgium. Designer Perry Hanssen was present for the launch of this innovation and gave an overview of current design trends in the kitchen. Hanssen described the change in luxury from what used to be a pure status symbol to what is now a deeper, emotionally charged experience: in "Exciting Minimalism", the kitchen is more than ever seen as the heart of the home, a space that reflects personality and is harmoniously integrated into the living area.

Geometric forms and expressive materials
In this context, SieMatic MONDIAL is an expression of precisely this new trend. Designer Perry Hanssen explains: "With SieMatic MONDIAL, we wanted to combine the simplicity of geometric shapes with the opulence of expressive materials. The result is a design experience that transcends the traditional boundaries of the kitchen and creates a unique universe". In addition to the existing CLASSIC, URBAN and PURE style worlds, this fourth style world confirms SieMatic's status as a pioneer in kitchen architecture.

During the event, SieMatic presented another innovation that will have an impact on the entire range: the introduction of a noble dark grey as an additional colour in the carcase, the interior of the cabinets. Grey, as a colour, a symbol of reflection, knowledge and wisdom, adds a new dimension to kitchens. Dark grey, open kitchen elements create a harmonious whole and emphasise the continuity between the inside and the outside.