August 16, 2022

The design for the SieMatic MONDIAL is revolutionary. It combines simplicity with lavish, extravagant materials to create a deeper emotional experience.

True personality does not submit to any norm. SieMatic, with its expressive design, speaks the simple and geometric language of form. The design of the product transcends boundaries by including bold colors paired with different forms that appeal to a modern eye. It emulates emotions of opulence and simplicity, as well as sensuality.

The unique combination of materials, form, and color creates a special present for the kitchen, as well as an improved relationship with the other architecture. The form is perfect.

Exquisite materials and impeccable finishes give the SieMatic MONDIAL an air of elegance that is unparalleled in its design. With a subdued style, this exquisite piece will create a unique environment completely in line with your personality.

Marble quarried from stone, carefully and precisely etched to create a monolithic piece with a unique, noble appearance. You can feel the textures of this luxury material in every bump and curve.

While stone and wood are rare, they were integrated into the architecture of this kitchen to create a sculptural effect. The rectilinous geometry is balanced with semicircles and filigree elements for a special blend of bold aesthetics. The perfect semicircle of the extraordinarily solid quartzite worktop defines the expressive design philosophy of the kitchen. The blue cabinet is beautiful, and the contrast of lights makes it stand out. The recessed handles emphasize the height of the cabinets. The colors of the watch are traditional black with a subtle sense of elegance. SieMatic reflects the experience of luxury.

The geometric shaped front of the consoles contrast with the expressive elegance of hand-selected natural wood veneer. With frames bevelled from the inside, they give a subtle play of shadows. The newly designed handles complement in anodised and brushed golden bronze to provide a harmonious counterpoint. All of our glass showcases include filigree aluminium frames. These black matt anodized frames add a luxurious aesthetic to the showcases.

The Mondial's visionary design was open and in the room, giving an aesthetics that blended into the context. The Mondial reflected a language of self-confidence and generosity without wasting anything, making it feel more authentic.

Mondial is a testament to the pursuit of perfection. Every detail celebrates master craftsmanship and proves appreciation for the highest quality.