April 20, 2023

For the Milanese design week, Fantini’s Milan showroom changes its look with a stunning site-specific installation by Piero Lissoni.

The spectacular installation is entirely dedicated to Ex.Series, three projects already historically present in the Boffi collection that come together in the Boffi Fantini Aboutwater catalogue. The new project, designed by Piero Lissoni, powerfully changes the look of the showroom spaces on Via Solferino 18 without interfering with the architecture. A mirrored, trapezoidal-shaped tunnel traverses the space from one side to the other, creating reflections between the display elements and replicating the image of the outside world visible at its extremities, all enlivened by shifting light during the day. The secluded atmosphere of a place covered in a single material allows visitors to interact with the faucet collections, which are displayed like exquisite sculptures in an art gallery.