Materials Collection

The art of combining

You can only combine materials skilfully if you know them.
Natural wood meets industrial stainless steel, natural stone meets polished lacquer finishes, pastel colours play with primary colours. New combinations are proof of the courage to contrast and celebrate conscious breakaways. Quality and curation: the diversity of materials makes their selection and combination a direct expression of individuality and creative ideas. The choice of material is always a personal one. Warm wood, the elegance of stainless steel, the effortless sheen of a perfect lacquer finish. No material is like any other; each one has its own unique charm. And that is how it should be.


Materials Collection


Stone is a material which represents the new appreciation of the unadulterated, the pristine. Whether classic marble or the archaic nature of granite - stone is an expressive material, strong and imposing with a wealth of different forms.
Stone becomes style

Materials Collection


Only repellent to red wine stains: the advanced technology and precision manufacturing of this compound help provide ceramic with simple robustness that withstands exposure to anything.
High tech from the kiln.

Materials Collection
Materials Collection


High-quality stainless steel embodies serial aesthetics and industrial properties. Meanwhile, intensive use of stainless steel leaves traces that give it a character of its own over time.
Traces become legible

Materials Collection


Compelling compositions in colour and texture become a possibility with lacquer finishes, finely tuned to the overall room concept or as a deliberate counterpoint. Thanks to innovative technologies such as AntiPrint to reduce fingerprints, this synthesis of the arts never loses its shine in everyday life either.
Mellow perfection.

Materials Collection


Wood makes the kitchen a space full of cosiness and warmth. Shaped by craftsmanship, the grain, texture and character of this naturally grown material are preserved.

Grown and shaped.