Marta Ferri Collection

Marta Ferri

"As in all new projects, the learning process is full of emotion. Getting to know the world of Molteni&C, not only the products but also the professionals who work there, has inspired the final result.

The name of the collection is a direct reference to the structure of the textiles featured but also - in a more abstract way – to the sophisticated narrative produced by the material and chromatic combinations. The objects are dressed and acquire a new expressive identity, establishing a creative dialogue between elements, colours andmaterials that generates equally evocative and functional results.”

Marta Ferri Collection

Framenti Collection

The Frammenti collection is distinguished by a harmony inspired by Nature combining earthy tones with various shades of green. Weft and warp intertwine, creating a rich blend of colours and contrasts. The material becomes an accomplice of this union giving form and depth to the structures. Once again Marta Ferri projects her fresh and dynamic vision to the world of furnishings.
Her original intuition, which combines her love of colour and her passion for everything that surrounds her, makes the collection warm, striking and contemporary.


Marta Ferri Collection

The Styling Closet | Marta Ferri for Molteni&C

A new way to array the Gliss Master Wardrobe system and the Master Dressing walk-in closet.
Pure aesthetics showcases the authenticity, the craftsmanship and the unique value of Italian style. With her essential, rigorous, graphically dynamic and spectacular “sculpture” garments, Marta has skillfully revealed the value of timeless elegance, representing every hidden and secret step that makes up the essence/the soul of each and every garment.

Marta Ferri Collection
Marta Ferri Collection

Fibra Collection

The new textile collection created by Marta Ferri for Molteni&C. Bright contemporary yarns intertwined with natural fibres – linens and cottons – express Marta Ferri’s latest ideas for Molteni&C textiles in the 2019 Fibra collection. A new way of interpreting plain colours, combining cold hues, twinkling with silver filaments, and warm ochre and rusty shades, enlivened by copper-coloured strands, in a fresh, futuristic interpretation of the ancient art of weaving. Added to these, the softness and warmth of an embossed, shearling-like textile, which becomes the ideal layer not only for furnishings but also for surfaces and spaces.

Marta Ferri Collection

Trama Collection

The nine different lines include two dedicated Kvadrat ® proposals, examples of Danish textile excellence. Leather also features, with a new dedicated interpretation. On the leit motif of Trama also two new blankets and three different types of bedding coordinates, developed exclusively with leading manufacturers in the sector. Woolens, linens, alpaca velvets, innovative weaves for a generous and consistent collection, developed with classic and at the same time contemporary colours. A wide range of natural and sophisticated shades, from earth to grey, in contrast and in tune with brilliant shades of blue, green, plum and powder pink. Colours that are never flat or banal, with multicoloured yarns marked by three-dimensional effects. The textiles come in exquisite jacquard, raffia and bouclé weaves, designed to enchant and intrigue, suggesting the intensity of the research that lies behind each one.

Marta Ferri Collection

Marteria Collection

The passionate and bright world of printing

The “Materia” Collection is featuring three textile designs, inspired by the world of nature: Foliage, an obvious recall of tropical plants, Roots, inspired by the roots of age-old trees, and Paglia, a sophisticated interpretation of Viennese cane seating.

Alongside her patterns, Marta also presents four proposals in the world of velvets, reinterpreted with modern and unusual shades, chenilles with a distinctive “worn” effect, raw linens, and lastly a new leather, featuring natural tanning with a hide effect, which combines the shine of traditional leather with the softness of the classic aniline leathers.