Heritage Collection (Part 1)

Great new classics

Molteni&C is re-examining its own history with an eye to the future. The 80!Molteni exhibition, the creation of the company’s historical archive and its recently inaugurated Molteni Museum have provided an opportunity for revival, from the origins of modernity.

Intriguing traces have emerged from a past that turns out to be contemporary, ripe for a re-think today. Unique pieces that can step straight out of their museum showcases and into our contemporary homes.

Gio Ponti
"[...] The majority of the objects in our lives are created and characterised by industry [...]"

Heritage Collection (Part 1)


The iconic Round D.154.5 designed by Gio Ponti has very modern shapes, almost out of this world, which had never been thought of before.

“The Round armchair was initially conceived by Gio Ponti in 1954. At that time, the design of this armchair was holding together all the energy, positivity and enthusiasm of the following decade."

Salvatore Licitra - Curator of Gio Ponti Archives

Heritage Collection (Part 1)

D.859.1 TABLES

The D.859.1 table, designed primarily as a meeting table for up to ten people, stands out not only for its impressive size—over 3,60 meters long—but especially for its simple yet refined design.


Heritage Collection (Part 1)
Heritage Collection (Part 1)

D.847.1 TABLES

More than 70 years after its original design, the D.847.1 console table is reborn thanks to the Heritage Collection reissue project by Molteni&C, in collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives.

"This elegant and refined desk was modern in its profiles and proportions, which are both classic and innovative, in the play of curves and in the invention of an elegantly rounded drawer.”

Salvatore Licitra - Curator of Gio Ponti Archives

Heritage Collection (Part 1)


Designed by Gio Ponti and produced for Altamira, an American company founded by the nephew of the Spaniard De Cuevas, was displayed in the company’s showroom in New York.

“It was thought that architecture should be purely functional, with very little margin for decoration. But the Italian genius could not help but create architecture with a more human face, which we call the Latin touch”



Heritage Collection (Part 1)


Always passionate about nautical furnishings, Gio Ponti gained direct experience in four ocean liners and two cruise ships upgraded or built from scratch after the war, between 1949 and 1951: the Conte Grande, Africa, Oceania, Conte Biancamano, Andrea Doria and Giulio Cesare. Ponti designed this easy chair with slight variants for these ships.

The Plancharts commissioned Gio Ponti to design their home, on top of a cerro overlooking Caracas. For them, refined art collectors and Italy lovers, Ponti designed everything, from the structure to the furniture. This armchair is a shell to accommodate precious friends. It is a sculpture among sculptures and an art work among the art works.

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