Bed Dressing Collection

A full of emotion project by Marta Ferri 

"As in all new projects, the learning process is full of emotion. Getting to know the world of Molteni&C, not only the products but also the professionals who work there, has inspired the final result" - Marta Ferri

Completing the textile range, a choice of accessories, blankets and bedding coordinates, to enrich the Molteni&C bed collection. For blankets, in the winter version, the range includes double wool with nubuk edging in warm dove grey and browns. The offering is completed with a summer version in fresh, reassuring colours.

Finally, three nighttime coordinates developed in pure linen, sateen and cotton, marked by fine traditional and at the same time modern stitching (three options, single, à joure and corded), to define the nocturnal world with elegance and style. Pastel shades, along with pure white and pearl, provide the background for marked contrasts or tone-on-tones of rust, mother-of-pearl, lapilli, iron and cotto fiorentino.

Bed Dressing Collection

Soft Cushion

This ultra light imperceptible yarn is the result of a careful selection of the most precious Australian merino wool fibre on the market. The rigorous choice of 16.5 micron raw material, guaranteed by long-standing relations with our suppliers, along with the professional care given to processing yield an ultra fine and inter seasonal yarn.
Its excellent quality has won it the 140’s Woolmark Company (international certification agency for pure wool) certificate in the 2/60 titre category, indicating the fineness of the fibre, precisely 16.5 micron.

Bed Dressing Collection

Sand plaid

Blanket with a central part made of fine wool and a border made of nubuck leather. The border gives the product a formal tone while the finely woven wool makes it light and cosy. Warm dove grey/brown shades and elegant shades of grey for a timeless accessory that adapts to the colours of the seasons and furnishings.

Bed Dressing Collection
Bed Dressing Collection


100% linen made with yarn bearing the Master of linen guarantee, which certifies the origin of Normandy’s raw material. Normandy is, in fact, the only area in the world where the particular climatic conditions of humidity, sun/ light, exposure to the sun, temperature and the morphological features of the land ensure that its linen yarn is the best in the world in terms of resistance, tenacity, luminosity and purity. All this thanks to the exceptional know-how of the area’s farmers and spinners.

The finer the linen, the less pilling it presents and thus the fewer pills on the finished garment or item. Textile particularly suitable for summer use thanks to its high hygroscopic capacity to absorb humidity and thereby keep the body dry and fresh. Last but not least, the special shine of this fabric is achieved thanks to the producer’s unique textile weaving and finishing expertise.

Bed Dressing Collection


100% Egyptian yarn, made with compact, soft touch cotton, which prevents pilling. The special finish gives the product a silky feel.


Bed Dressing Collection

Saint Cloud

100% Egyptian cotton, grown close to the banks of the river Nile, where the fertile soil gives rise to a uniquely fine, soft, shiny yarn. Despite Egyptian cotton being acknowledged as the finest in the world, it has its own classifications, in which GIZA is recognized as the topmost category. Woven by master craftsmen, Saint Cloud combines the freshness and versatility of cotton with the sheen usually associated with silk.

Egyptian cotton is gleaming white and offers excellent hygroscopicity, i.e. high humidity absorption power. It absorbs up to 20% of its specific weight without feeling damp. It is breathable and thus disperses body heat fast and has excellent physiological adaptability. It is extremely easy to maintain.

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