SieMatic PURE

Is light tangible?

With SLX it is. Thanks to its exceptional lighting concept and timeless design, it elevates extraordinary architecture to an art form and creates a unique mood in the room. Light becomes tangible. Handleless design is redefined. Material aesthetics at their best.


SieMatic SLX

Light becomes tangible!

With a totally new recessed grip concept, the design dispenses with handles - and yet the perfect angles, pleasing shapes and quality of the materials take the tactile experience to a new level.

Thanks to its exceptional lighting concept, SLX directly influences the atmosphere of a room.




SieMatic SLX

Handleless design is redefined.

The indirect illumination of the recessed grip creates a visual accent. Using the individually controllable colour temperature and brightness of the LED light it makes light tangible.


SieMatic SLX
SieMatic SLX

The marble style ceramic block of the SLX design has an imposing presence. The background lighting of the recessed grips transforms it into a light and breathing sculpture. The SLX creates the spaces that make our lives.